This is a book that contains the narrative and lectures that accompany the data management workshops from NYU Data Services data management team. It’s meant to be a persistent resource for folks to reference after coming to one of these workshops live (in-person or remote).

If you are at NYU and would like to find and maybe register for a Data Services class, you can do so here: https://nyu.libcal.com/calendar/classes?cid=1564&t=d&d=0000-00-00&cal=1564&ct=45094,4295,47942&inc=0.

You can find our general data management guide here: https://guides.nyu.edu/data_management. If you would like to set up an appointment to meet with Nick or Vicky, you can do that here: https://nyu.libcal.com/appointments/online?g=12112.